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Promotional Products for Parades, City Festivals, and the Minnesota State Fair

Promotional Products for Parades, City Festivals, and the Minnesota State Fair

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Minnesotans savor summer. We know the sun, the warmth, the refreshing lakes, and the green grass will only be here for so long. Maybe that’s why we have a celebration, festival, or fair every weekend from June to August (or so it seems!).

Outdoor events are great opportunities for organizations to connect with their customers, prospects, and communities. People like to support local businesses, especially the ones that are active in their neighborhoods. Promotional products remind your community that you’re here and ready to serve them. That’s why they’re an essential giveaway if you’re walking a parade route, sponsoring your city’s summer festival, or setting up shop at the state fairgrounds this August.

A great promotional product is useful, memorable, and reflects your brand and your values. Some products are great for tossing along a parade route, while others are wonderful giveaways for your booth at the state fair. Here are some great ideas for your outdoor events this summer.

Giveaways for Parades  

Parade giveaways must be light, easy to toss, and not likely to cause injury. You’ll be carrying a bag full of whatever product you choose along your parade route, so go easy on yourself and choose lightweight products such as sunglasses, lip balms, and sunscreens. These products have the advantage of being easy to toss, too.

Another thing to consider is the chance of injuring folks as you toss your products out. One easy solution is to walk close to the crowd and hand out items. But if you’re sitting in a car or on a float, you may want to consider soft items such as stress balls and can koozies.

Giveaways for City Festivals

Are you sponsoring an event at your city’s fair or festival this year? Maybe you’re participating in a sidewalk sale or vendor fair in your hometown. Tote bags and string backpacks are great giveaways for these types of events. Visitors to your booth need something to put all their stuff in. And since it’s useful, it’s likely they’ll hold onto the bag for a while.

Other great promo products for city festivals include pens, chip clips, magnets, and sunglasses. If you’re running a raffle or other competition at your event, consider giving away mobile device chargers or vacuum-insulated tumblers.

Giveaways for State Fair Booths

There are dozens of opportunities to showcase your products at the Minnesota State Fair. So many, in fact, that the fair provides guidelines for marketing and promotions at the Great Minnesota Get-Together. Any deal, drawing, or giveaway needs to be approved by the concessions and exhibits departments of the fair by June 21, so be sure to get your promotional products approved before making your order.

That said, there are dozens of giveaway ideas for the state fair. Sunscreen, lip balm, sunglasses, umbrellas, ponchos, string backpacks, and water bottles are always in demand. Just remember how you feel hours into your first day at the fair. Any products that alleviate those aching feet, sunburnt shoulders, and cranky kids should go fast!

Now’s the time to gear up for the parades, festivals, and fairs this summer. Broadway Awards can help you find the perfect giveaways for your event. Contact us today to get started!