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Fresh Ideas for Recognizing Spring and Summer Athletes

Fresh Ideas for Recognizing Spring and Summer Athletes

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This year’s sports awards banquets are just around the corner, and summer sports programs will soon be in full gear. If you’re a coach or athletic director, now’s the time to order your spring recognition and gear to support your summer sports programs. Here are a few fresh ideas for honoring your top athletes and making sure everyone has a great time this summer.

Cool Trophies and Awards for Student Athletes

Sports-themed trophies and medals are classic choices for recognizing student athletes. But there are many other ways to honor your athletes, too. Dog tags are a very popular and affordable choice for many sports programs. Students can wear the tags year-round and add tags to their chains season after season. We offer dog tags for many different sports, including baseball and track.

Medallions are another neat idea for recognition. They come in a variety of sizes, weights, and metals. You can custom engrave both sides of the medallion with your school’s name and mascot and your sports program. Some kids choose to carry the medallions around with them, while others may display them on their bookshelves at home.

Another funky option for recognition is the champion award belt. They’re not just for Hulk Hogan anymore! We’ve designed belts for all types of sports, from football and archery to cornhole. Just like medallions, you can customize your champion belts with your sport and mascot.

Swag for Summer Recreation Programs

Summer sports leagues are all about fun. Set your athletes up for success with neat giveaways. Water bottles are always appreciated in the summer. We offer trendy aluminum vacuum-insulated bottles that will keep water cold all day long. Customize them with your program’s colors and logo.

Hosting a sailing school or stand-up paddleboard class this summer? Consider offering your students a waterproof gear bag that’s clear on one side so they can still read their texts while they’re on the water. Choose your colors and add your logo.

Don’t forget the parents and other fans of your summer sports program! Every game and tournament needs more cowbell. Deck yours out in your team colors so fans know exactly where to throw down their picnic blanket or camp chairs.

There are many creative options for recognizing student athletes and supporting your summer sports program this year. If any these ideas have inspired you, contact us! We’ll help you find the perfect award and giveaways for your athletes.

12 Ideas for Fall Sports Season Honors and Awards

12 Ideas for Fall Sports Season Honors and Awards

Fall Sports Season Awards

Fall Sports Season Awards

The fall sports season is wrapping up, which means coaches and booster clubs are planning fall season awards ceremonies. If planning an athletes’ awards banquet has fallen on your shoulders this year, here are some ideas for how to honor the standout players and teams at your school.


Player Performance Awards

Most sports teams give awards for player performance. Use performance awards to recognize your top achievers and players who have improved the most over the season.

  • MVP: All-Around Player
  • MVP: Offensive Player
  • MVP: Defensive Player
  • Most Improved Player
  • Most Assists
  • Most Goals/Points/Touchdowns
  • Personal Record Achievers
  • School Record Achievers


Player Attitude Awards

Coaches know that great teams are built on attitude, not just performance. Recognize the players on your team that contributed positively to your team’s culture and attitude.

  • Team Leader
  • Sportsmanship
  • Best Mental Attitude
  • Most Hustle


Team Award

If your awards are part of a school-wide ceremony, get together with your fellow coaches or booster clubs and decide which team has earned the Outstanding Team Award. Use this award to recognize superior performance, most improved performance, or excellent sportsmanship.


What to Give as Awards

Now that you have your awards figured out, what do you give your athletes as recognition? Trophies are a traditional giveaway for athlete awards, but there are hundreds of other items you can give away as awards. Here are some of our favorites.

  • Apparel. Give away hoodies, hats, gloves, and scarves for the winter season.
  • Medallions. Students can carry these in their backpacks or keep them in their lockers.
  • Pins. High-school athletes love adding bling to their letterman jackets.
  • Ribbons. Another traditional giveaway that athletes can display in lockers or their bedrooms.
  • Backpack or Gear Bag. Shows off school spirit and is something athletes can use for years.

It’s not too late to order giveaways for your fall student athlete award ceremony. Contact the promotional products experts at Broadway Awards today at 763-533-0979.

6 Creative Prizes for Your Office’s Weight Loss Challenge

6 Creative Prizes for Your Office’s Weight Loss Challenge


‘Tis the season for weight loss challenges and other New Year’s resolutions. Support your employees’ wellness goals with a fun and competitive weight loss challenge. To sweeten the pot, here are 6 creative awards to use as incentives.


1. Lunch Totes

An insulated lunch tote makes it easy for your employees to bring healthy food to work. We love the Big Bite Lunch Kit because it includes an insulated bag, plastic container, and utensils. Add your logo or the name of your company’s weight loss challenge to personalize it for your employees. Add the word “Finisher” to make the totes a prize for completing the challenge.


2. Cold-Weather Workout Gear

When it’s below zero outside, it’s tough to find the motivation to exercise. Reward your employees with some cold-weather fitness gear. Hats, gloves, and even long underwear make great awards for Minnesota weight loss challengers.


3. Activity Trackers

Pedometers can provide great motivation for people who are trying to become more active. Give one out to each participant at the beginning of the challenge so they can track their steps. Then, reward the top earner with a Bluetooth FitBit activity tracker.


4. Water Bottles

A water bottle is a traditional choice, but still a great option for your weight loss challenge. Give the bottles away at the start of the challenge and encourage participants to drink at least 64 ounces per day throughout the work day.


5. Wicking Fitness Gear

Fitness gear that wicks away sweat keeps the body cool and comfortable during workouts. A wicking t-shirt makes a great award for your weight loss challenge finishers. Customize it with your logo, challenge name, and the word “Finisher.”


6. Awards & Trophies

Trophies and other awards also make great prizes for weight loss challenges. We like this tongue-in-cheek treadmill desk clock. Or, go more conventional by customizing your very own weight loss trophy.

Weight loss challenges can be a lot of fun. Reward your employees for their hard work with a creative award. To customize your award, contact the experts at Broadway Awards.