How to Honor and Celebrate Those Who Have Served Your Organization

How to Honor and Celebrate Those Who Have Served Your Organization

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They’ve given years of dedication and hard work to your company. Now, it’s time for them to spend more time out on the lake than behind a desk. While many people choose to think of retirement as a career change rather than a career end, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t recognize for reaching this milestone. Here are a few ideas to create a memorable send-off for your retiring team members.

The Celebration Should Reflect Your Retiring Coworker’s Wishes

The celebration of your coworker’s retirement should reflect their wishes and personality. Is this person the feistiest person at the office? Then a big surprise party with your entire team might be a great choice for them. Or, is your coworker not one to seek the limelight? If that’s the case, a smaller, more intimate celebration might be the best choice.

Giving gifts at retirement is a common tradition, and they should reflect your coworker’s personality and tastes, too. Flowers may be a great option for one coworker, while a bottle of scotch may be perfect for another. Often, individual team members will give their own retirement gifts, too. If that’s the culture at your office, be sure to coordinate so your coworker doesn’t bring home a carful of flowers or case of well-aged scotch (unless, of course, that’s what they want!).

Your Organization Should Formally Recognize Your Coworker’s Retirement, Too

While many teams take it upon themselves to pull out all the stops for a retiring colleague, your company should also formally recognize this important milestone. We’ve seen companies present a slideshow of the retiring employee’s work and history with the company or film a special thank you video from the CEO to the retiring worker.

More common are retirement gifts. The gold watch and mantle clock are standard, but also a little cliché. There’s no reason to stick to traditional gifts, especially if your company isn’t a traditional organization. One of the more popular gifts our customers choose are crystal and glass awards. We have highly customizable options to help you create a very special retirement gift.

Art glass is another outside-the-box retirement gift idea. These come on engravable bases you can customize for your coworker, but feature a one-of-a-kind piece of art instead of a trophy or etched class.   

You don’t need to stick with awards for your retiring colleague, however. You can choose from wine and drinkware sets, clocks, pens, coasters, or anything else you can imagine. Broadway Awards has more than 30 years of experience helping organizations honor retiring coworkers. Contact us today to find the perfect retirement gift.

Amanda Lanser