2019 Promotional Product Trends to Watch

2019 Promotional Product Trends

to Watch

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The annual promotional products trade show just wrapped up, and the Broadway Awards team is excited to share some of this year’s promotional products trends with you! Here’s a look at a few of the hot trends you’ll see in 2019. If any of these ideas catch your eye, we’d love to help you out!

Ecofriendly promotional products will stay hot.

Environmentally conscious products and materials have been a hot promotional product trend for a few years now. Canvas tote bags will continue to be popular choices for many businesses. This year, we’ll also see more ecofriendly materials on offer. Organic cotton is gaining popularity as a t-shirt and sweatshirt material. Sustainable bamboo is sprouting up as drinking straws, PopSockets®, and even Bluetooth speakers. BPA-free water bottles and cups will be hot items, too. 

Promotional products will look like something you’d buy at Target.

One trend we’ve noticed this year is a subtly custom look for many promotional products. For example, a business may order water bottles in four different colors instead of a single one. Or instead of a polo shirt with a large imprinted logo, companies may ask for a shirt with a smaller, embroidered design. Wondering how you can get custom promotional products? Just ask!

Trendy finishes will attract more prospects.

Have you seen the limited-edition burlap gift cards at Starbucks? We think they’re pretty neat. They’re also keying in on a hot trend for 2019. Not only is burlap a sustainable material, it gives many products the custom look and feel people are looking for.

Speaking of feel, soft-touch and matte-finish products will be very popular this year. These finishes feel very different in your hand than glossy or conventional finishes do. If you want your prospects to hang onto your pen, mug, or notebook, consider a matte or soft-touch product.

Heather is another finish that’s going to be trendy in 2019. You won’t just find it on your favorite t-shirt or sweatshirt. Journals, lunch bags, backpacks, and even can koozies will be available in heathered finishes.

We’re excited to share these and the rest of the 2019 trends for promotional products. If you’re looking for a custom, out-of-the-box item for your 2019 promo product, Broadway Awards is here to help! Contact us today at (763) 533-0979.